Virtual Summer Learning Camp

Parent presentation Virtual Summer Learning
Virtual Summer Learning Guidelines for Parents (1).pdf


Our campers will be in cabins of about 15 kids. They'll have a bunch of adults on hand to support them: two teachers, an EA and a Social Worker/Child & Youth Worker.

We're committed to fostering our campers' intellectual, social and emotional growth!

We want to hear from families too. Our teacher will be available between 11:00 and 11:30 every day to answer your questions and take feedback.

We'll spend time building math & language skills every morning.

We'll also take time to work on our mental health with Minds Up activities

We might be running camp online but we'll be doing a lot more than sitting in front of a screen! Kids can expect to get up and move during our time together.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be the hub for all of our activities. We'll be posting things for our face to face time, and for fun in between our times together.

You will need to log into using your child's school account.

Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

Google Meet

Google Meet will be the video chat tool we use for our face to face time.

A quiet place, good lighting (not lit up from behind), a neutral background and speakers or headphones will make the experience more comfortable.

We hope that all families will feel comfortable enough to turn on their webcams, but we respect your right to privacy if you'd prefer to leave it off.

If your internet is slow or busy, turning off your webcam can help.

Google Jamboard

Jamboard is a virtual white board that kids can share. Draw, write, post pictures... the sky's the limit!

Learn more on the Working with Tech page