Learning at Home
with St. Clair Catholic

Virtual Field Trip Week: May 25-29

Virtual Field Trip week was May 25 – 29.

During the week of May 25-29th many of our classes offered a range of Virtual Field trips based on the Experiential Learning model. Our thanks to them for sharing examples of student learning.

We invite you to share your students’ learning on this journey by adding a slide!

Virtual Field Trip Week

Healthy Heart week: May 19-22

Check out these slides for examples of how our students are keeping active and healthy while distance learning. This work has been shared by our Health & Physical Education Specialist teachers across our Board.

Health and Physical Challenges

Catholic Education Week - May 2020

The theme for this year’s Catholic Education Week was Igniting Hope.

Hope is an Open Heart by Lauren Thompson was the inspirational text shared with many of our students. Students were asked “ Where do you see hope?” and were encouraged to take a picture or find an image of something that represents hope for them. What an incredible compilation of Hope across our St. Clair Catholic community.

Hope really can be found all around us.

Hope Across St. Clair Catholic Final

Our Goals for Distance Learning

  • Engage our students in daily learning opportunities rooted in the Ontario Curriculum

  • Provide feedback to students on their learning and guide with next steps

  • Provide meaningful independent learning activities for students to continue their learning at home and

  • continue to address key curriculum expectations

  • Develop digital citizenship skills in our students to be positive contributors in a distance learning model

  • Continue to develop student learning skills: responsibility, organization, collaboration, self-regulation,

  • independent work, initiative

What can families of Elementary students expect?

Continuity of Learning Phase 2- Elementary Parent Tip Sheet REVISED.pdf

What can families of Secondary students expect?

Continuity of Learning Phase 2- Secondary Parent Tip Sheet REVISED.pdf

Optimal Learning Conditions

Your continued support in creating optimal learning conditions at home for your child can be done by:

  • Maintaining communication with your child’s educator

  • Ensuring your child participates in some physical activity throughout the day

  • Ensuring students have a quiet place to work

  • Taking interest in your child’s learning

  • Reaching out to your child’s educator if your child is experiencing difficulty

Devices at Home

Think about what devices need to be used by every family member and, if possible, around what time of the day. When several people are sharing a device(s) and/or limited bandwidth, this schedule becomes even more important. Others in the household streaming video for entertainment (such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.) can significantly decrease the bandwidth available to those working. This can be frustrating when it causes delay, dragging, and/or freezing for the student(s) working online. Try to limit strains on bandwidth when students are working online.

Working together

Establish “house rules” for technology as a family. For example, you could agree that during “learning time” we all agree to limit noise, and avoid streaming of video for entertainment.

Decision Making

Make decisions together, whenever possible, so students feel greater accountability to the rules. Consider having older students sign your agreement. Ensure anyone supervising students online is aware of your house rules.


Provide positive, encouraging feedback and support children with completing assigned work and tasks. Reach out to your child’s teacher(s) if your child is having difficulty.

Distance Learning For Students K-4
Remote/Distance Learning For Parents

St. Clair Catholic DSB Connecting Hearts

Sharing artwork as a sign of hope to show that we really care about each other ... and that we’re all in this together!

Students, parents, parish partners and other community members can go to http://bit.ly/connectingheARTs to be inspired by other budding artists, who are taking up the challenge. Ideas to get people started can be found there. The rest is simple. Display your artwork in an outward facing window. Take a photo and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #sccdsb

At Home Learning Resources

The Ministry of Education has provided learning resources: Ontario - Learn at Home. In addition, linked below, you will find additional resources to support learning at home.

While these materials do not replace what students have been learning at school, during this unusual time, these at-home activities offer quick and easy access to some of Ontario's best online Kindergarten to grade 12 learning resources.

Our Earth Day Inventions

Primary Students across SCCDSB share their innovative designs which were created on Earth Day, 2020! Our little inventors used recyclable materials to design, create and "imagineer" new products.

Our Earth Day Inventions

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This site offers additional resources that parents, guardians and care givers may use with their child(ren). There are many options to use to support learning at home.