Prayers for Lent during Holy Week ( Dynamic Catholic 2020)

Stations of the Cross (Sadlier


Children at this stage learn about God from their caregivers and the world around them and by experiencing the rituals of the faith community.

Share stories that highlight the goodness of God and portray God in familiar terms (e.g., God as Friend, God as Parent, God as Creator).

Practice the Sign of the Cross together

Practice familiar prayers with your child.

  • Lord's Prayer

  • Morning offering

Work together to create a prayer

  • For Grace before Meals

  • Bedtime prayer

Grades 1- 6 RELIGION PROGRAM Growing in Faith Growing in Christ


Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ is our Religious Education program at St. Clair Catholic District School Board for Grades 1-6. It is organized to follow the sequence of the liturgical year of the Catholic Church.

Students can access the Student/Home website at home (see directions for accessing) . They can read/listen to Bible stories, watch videos, complete interactive activities and together you can share in your child’s faith journey. You can access the content either by going to the Growing in Faith, Growing in Christ website linked HERE or by installing a free app on your iPad to access the eText.

Once you have logged in , you will notice that there is a link called “This Week at Home” or "Parent Corner". If you click on this link, you will find a Week at a Glance activity sheet for the corresponding week linked to the liturgical calendar.

Please note this username may be different than the one that has been shared by your teacher. This is open to the public and therefore can be shared on a public site. You can access the site by either.

Lent & Easter Resources in Growing in Faith Growing in Christ

Click on the grade you need below to access where you can find Lent and Easter resources within the Growing in Faith Growing in Christ program.

Intermediate Faith Resources

Click on Busted Halo's "Lent in 3 Minutes". If you were going to make a video describing your Lenten journey, what words and phrases would it include?

Click on Busted Halo's "Holy Week in 3 Minutes". In the video it states that we are challenged to live out Holy Week Lessons all year long. What are these lessons?

Click on the Fast, Pray, Give Calendar for a #Daily Jolt - a little piece of inspiration as well as a small spiritual challenge. Reflect in a journal about how the jolt speaks to you or how you can respond to the micro challenge.

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