Black History Month

Black History Month Family Newsletter 2021.pdf
Lord Jesus, Master Teacher and Saviour,Please enable us to deeply reflect upon the impact and the importance of the Golden Rule,“In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Matthew, 7:12 NRSV)
Help us to accept, include and serve one another with love; to celebrate our diversity; to give us the courage to speak out and speak up against injustice, inequity and hatred in all forms; to open our hearts and minds to cultivate new relationships, and to do our part to repair those that are fractured.Lord Jesus, guide us to lead like you through your scripture and your teachings, and nurture us to remain hopeful, now and always. For this, we ask your blessings.Amen.

Virtual Local SCCDSB Event:

Black Mecca Museum Up Close & Personal

This story is available for free to encourage parents, teachers and librarians to bring the story of John Ware to a new generation of Canadians. Despite experiencing enslavement, war, and discrimination, this gifted horseman blazed a trail of kindness, and became one of Canada's most loved and respected pioneer ranchers.

Howdy, I’m John Ware features the work of artist Hugh Rookwood and was animated by Steve Gervais of Cochrane over several months.

Slide deck for virtual opportunities for the family, stories to read online, and museum websites to explore.

Black History At Home