Shanker's Self-Reg

Shanker Self-Reg is a framework and an on-going process for enhancing self-regulation by understanding and dealing with stress. Mindful self-regulation, which enhances learning and emotional, social and physical well-being, involves learning to recognize and respond to stress in all its many facets: positive as well as negative, hidden as well as overt, minor as well as traumatic or toxic. Self-Reg can help us understand and respond to the roots of behaviour, learning, motivation, social problems and strong emotions that impact energy systems.

Some benefits to practising Self-Reg may include:

  • fewer emotional meltdowns

  • reduced frustration

  • quicker recovery from disappointment

  • improved concentration

  • reduced distractibility

  • enhanced interpersonal skills

  • improved recognition of what others are thinking and feeling

Dr. Stuart Shanker is the founder and CEO of The Mehrit Centre, Ltd. (TMC) as a Self-Reg learning and information centre providing resources, and learning opportunities for schools and communities. The TMC vision is calm, alert learners, educators and families flourishing in physically and emotionally nurturing environments. The TMC mission is grounding living and learning in self-regulation.

"See a child differently, you will see a different child." - Dr. Stuart Shanker

Self-Reg 5 practices Anchor Chart for Parents

The 5 Practices of Shanker Self-Reg for Parents

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Informative Video's:

Brief video (4 mins) overview of stress management strategies

Brief video (7 mins) overview of Self-Reg

Brief video (3 mins) overview of the hand model for the brain.

Infosheets - Two page summaries of the Self-Reg approach

  1. Self-Reg for Parents

  2. Self-Reg for Teens

Copy of Parent Room

Self-Reg Parent Room

The following slide has been created as an interactive tool for parents to utilize.

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